About Us

Who We Are

Lighthouse Storytelling teaches people how to write and speak better. We’re a safe place for awesome women and men looking to create phenomenal things on page or stage.

We’re a community of Story Sisters and Beacon Brothers who believe the stories and wisdom they carry are more powerful than creative fears, perfectionism paralysis and rejection “failures.”

Think your story can help and empower other people? Good. Me too. Let’s run into the dark with our story torch held high!

p.s. The first step in starting (and finishing!) the Work is showing compassion and love for the lighthouse. That’s you. Be kind to yourself, storyteller. We got this.

You can write. You can speak. You can share, inspire and be celebrated. I promise.

Story Crew

Lighthouse Storytelling is like a tiny circus. We all have our roles. There’s the professional loudmouth and wordsmith. The cat intent on telling his life story. And the friendly beaver forced to listen to it all. We hire outside talent for bigger gigs but for the most part we’re The Show. Until you are.

Shannon Leahy

Shannon Leahy


Professional chatterbox. (I actually own a megaphone.) Story hunter. Cheerleader in jackboots. A writer by trade and storyteller by heart, I teach people how to get clear, confident and creative about their story.



Office Manager

Tyrant. Purr-er. Meow-er. “All about me” divo. Dingle is notorious for making guest appearances at writing workshops and stage coaching sessions. Nothing makes him grin more than rolling around on your sacred pages.

Norm Beaver

Norm Beaver


Audio engineer. IT guy. Mic fixer. Possible saint. “Does my hair look okay?” pre-show therapist. Norm Beaver (“the Beaver”) works in children’s animation so he doesn’t scare easy and loves a good story.

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