I bet you could tell me a dark, deadly story on demand. A TRUE story too.

But what if that nasty true tale inspired you to share with the world?

Oh my.

Dark stories are dazzling and seductive. They’re easy to tell because they’re fueled by active emotions like anger, righteousness and outrage.

Don’t agree with me? You’re right.

The dazzle behind some tough stories are dark crystals like victimhood, judgment and blame.

So how do we tell a tough story well? And by “well” I mean a tough story that Serves other people.

A dazzling and dark story with Light at the end of the tunnel.

A story that propels us forward.

Our most powerful stories are invitations to be kinder, more gracious, bigger, better, more loving.

Tough stories are offerings that show that you’ve suffered and show what you’ve learned.

Kind heart, tough stories are gifts not burdens to your audience.

If you want to tell a dark personal story that has changed you, great. Strike your light, lighthouse! Be the beacon.

But make sure you are broadcasting a bright light, not a dark light, into the void.

You have suffered, you have failed, you have stumbled. And you have survived.

But survival isn’t the heart of a tough story.

The bright-light-beating-heart of your dark horse story is this:

How are you kinder?
How are you better?
What are you grateful for?

What do you want us, your audience, to feel, think and do?

How can we help? Show us the way, lighthouse. Help us navigate dark waters.

Your story, in loving telling and sharing, shows us safe harbour.

When told with truth and power, your true tale illuminates our way home.

You shine light into the darkness by flashing us (pants on!) your wisdom, your compassion, your growth and your kindness.

Shine on, sweet lighthouse storyteller.

♥ Shannon