Shall we dance?

Let’s do the panic dance.

How much news have you eaten today?

When was the last time you were outside stepping in fresh dog turds?

What’s your favourite time of day to LOSE YOUR MIND on your fellow hostages (i.e., your family and pets)?

Yes, we are under pressure. The world is closing in. We can count our blessings but we sure can’t change the lens on what’s happening out there.

Or can we?

Here’s some stuff we can control:
Our sleep routine
Our inner talk
Our social media consumption
Our doom news consumption
Our food choices
Our mindset
Our attitude and behaviour towards others
Our level of honesty with ourselves and those we love
Our resilience and willingness to try, try again after getting kicked in the nutbars

As we shuffle and stumble into Week 3 of WTF… wait! I mean WFH (Work From Home) a lot of us are starting to dust off and consider long-forgotten creative projects.



Do you smell the “but”? Yeah, me too. Reminds me of the olden days when we’d all get crammed into an elevator and there was always that one person…

Choose creative projects that don’t stink.

You’re probably like the rest of us: frazzled, unfocused and getting a little bit… phat? <wink>

Now is the time to do the best we can, which isn’t going to be 100%.

Perfectionists and hustlers, keep breathing.

Last week I made an attempt to do the most un-creative project on the planet (for me) and almost threw my laptop through a closed window. With me attached.

The project you ask? Adding SEO to my website. I know. Terrible. The learning curve was razor sharp, a new language and deadly boring.

A better creative project I’m enjoying and actually doing?

Working out every morning with my virtual and not ugly trainer. As you’ve guessed, I am NOT a gym head since I’m always in my head.

Which is my point. And yes, I have one.

Choose a creative project that nourishes mind, body and/or spirit.

Commit to a self-care habit, ritual or routine that will “pay off” once these strange days are over.

Let’s make tiny choices and take small baby steps every day to sculpt positive change in our lives now, now, now.

If there’s one thing this time of transformation is showing us is Now is all we have. That and each other, like it or not.

Move that body. Put that butt outside. Pick up that paintbrush or those knitting needles. Go out there and smell the forest.

Create an inner landscape that’s as beautiful and strong as the kindness and resilience we’re seeing out there among the chaos.

As my handsome devil trainer grunts at me every morning: 1, 2, 3, 4.
One day at a time.
Let’s be stronger, more tuned in and more loving by the time we’re hugging and kissing each other again.

And farting in elevators.

Here’s to life and to Light,

♥ Shannon