Get Storied on page and stage

One of the most powerful experiences in life is realizing your story can help other people. Write it. Polish it. Publish it. Speak it. And crack more Light into the world.


Learn how to get clear, compelling and creative. Break through writer’s block. Polish your presentation. Overcome your fear of public speaking. Replace “perfect” with d-o-n-e.


Show you’re more similar than special. Frame the right story around your facts. Connect through clarity, confidence and good humour. Invite people into the world you believe in.


Wild women in the woods writing with (optional) wine. No cooking, no cleaning. Like a cottage weekend with girlfriends. Discover “stuff” that makes you happy, strong and connected.

Lighthouse storytelling gets around

We’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing Story Sisters and Beacon Brothers. Highlights (get it?) include:

Writers Collective of Canada