A powerful story makes all the world listen…

lilghthouse storytelling 2

Even a small light attracts the heart’s attention in the night. It reveals who you are, draws people to your cause, and can even change the future.

Welcome, beautiful Storyteller. I’m Shannon Leahy, and I help people tell stories that change, inspire, and transform hearts, relationships, and businesses.

And the truth of my story is that I’d rather spend my time speaking, coaching, and teaching people to share powerful stories, so I’ve let “build a new website” drift to the bottom of my list. If you’re as exhausted by the breakneck pace of our complex world, you might also find this as refreshing (and elegantly simple) as I do.

And if you give me your name and email address, I’ll add you to my personal email list. Yep, those still exist! I send out content-ONLY, sparkle-rich, beautiful One Minute Storytelling Tips to all my friends.

Because like you, I’m serious about giving the gift of a positive, transformative story to the world. Let’s do this together.

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